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What is required to rent a forklift for a construction project?

What is required to rent a forklift for a construction project?

If you are just getting started on organizing a large construction project, and have not been involved in one before, one of the first things you will need is a forklift rental.


After all, you do want to be sure you have the means of easily transporting construction materials from one side of a construction site to another. A good quality forklift can do that.


What will you require to rent a forklift, however, and are they easy to rent?


How long do you need it for? — The first thing you will need is an idea of how long you will need the forklift. Rates differ depending on if you will be renting it for a day or two, a week or more, and you want to be sure you get the best rate right at the beginning.


The weight of the loads — You will also need to calculate the weight of an average load on your site, so that you are sure the forklift you hire has the capacity to manage them. Calculate the maximum weight you are likely to need to move, and then contact a forklift company and ask for help choosing the right rental.


How large are the things you will be moving? — You will also need to know the dimensions of most of the things you will be moving. That way you can be sure the forklift you rent is capable of managing that size.


This is also important when it comes to the height a specific forklift can rise to. After all, there is no point hiring a forklift if, once you get it, it is not able to move half the things on your site.


Do you need attachments? — You can rent a basic forklift, or you can rent one with a slew of attachments. This all depends on if you will have use of attachments, or if renting them is just a waste of money.


If you are not sure, find out from your construction crew if having attachments like extenders and grapple attachments would be useful.


Do you have a forklift operator or do you need to hire one? — Companies that rent out forklifts will usually allow you to rent them out for an operating you already employ, or be willing to hire out an operator to drive the forklift for you.


Be sure you already know if you do have anyone qualified on your construction team already, or if paying for the time of an operator along with the forklift is preferable.


Getting the right fuel — Finally, you will also need to know about the engine that is on the forklift you will be renting, as forklifts use different kinds of fuel depending on that.


Be sure to ask the rental company before the forklift is delivered. That way you will not be stuck with a forklift that will not operate while someone is sent out to buy the right fuel.