Should you use a herb grinder instead of your hands for your herbs?


    Many people that grind herbs, whether those herbs are cooking herbs or marijuana, tend to pull them apart with their hands.


    The problem with this way of grinding herbs is that it is not very consistent, and it makes it almost impossible to separate the kief from the rest of your marijuana.


    With a custom herb grinder, however, you can easily grind your marijuana into the consistency you like, while also separating the kief for other uses.


    This goes the same for cooking herbs, as it makes it easier to grind them down into a powder or a finer mix that does not leave you pulling leaves or twigs out of your teeth when you eat.


    Using a herb grinder instead of your hands for marijuana — Many people that smoke pot also love to have a finely ground marijuana that they can use to roll a cigarette with. The same goes for pushing their marijuana into a pipe bowl as, without it being finer than a typical marijuana blend, it can be a little difficult to get it to stay down.


    With a herb grinder instead of your hands, however, you can really get a lovely consistently. It also gives your pot a smoother taste when you smoke it.


    Grinding marijuana for food — Quite a large number of people also use their marijuana in food.


    If you do not chop it finely enough, or pull it apart well enough, you can end up with pieces of leaves and twigs that you then have to pull out of your teeth as you eat.


    If you are going to be adding marijuana to food like brownies, cakes and breads, avoid using your hands to pull apart the herb and use a good herb grinder instead.


    When you do, you will notice how much easier it is for you to mix the powder into the food you are preparing. It will also allow it to be mixed into all of the mixture far easier. Thus giving your food a more uniform taste throughout, and not full of areas where there is more pot than in others.


    Grinding other herbs for food — You can also use a herb grinder to grind other herbs that can be used for food.


    If you make pizzas quite often, or cook Italian food, stews, soups, fish and meat dishes, or even chicken and seafood, you can use all kinds of herbs to make your meals more flavorful.


    All of these herbs can be easily ground up by a good herb grinder, and then used to flavor your food.


    If you do decide to use your herb grinder to grind herbs and spices for food, do not worry about it being contaminated with marijuana as well. You can take a typical herb grinder apart and wash it out easily.


    Or you can just let the marijuana still in the herb grinder to fall into your food, as a few grains here or there will certainly not give you much of an effect.